Choosing a right organization for your career is as important for you as choosing a right candidate for Maventic for us.

Our job descriptions or job title may not be too different from many other companies. Nevertheless, there are certain things which probably are not so common.

  • We are a company with 100% focus on SAP and focused on new dimension products and technology.

  • We believe each one of us to have a T shaped knowledge, breadth in several areas and depth in a few key areas. We like to groom Maventic Mavens to understand SAP NetWeaver as a platform and specialize in a few of the components.

  • We let people decide their career path with continuous support from organization. We as an organization support people to grow in their interest areas.

  • We keep very open, transparent systems. We encourage people to share their innovative ideas and support in providing time and resources to experiment on the ideas.

  • We believe in hiring ambitious candidates and encourage people to be accountable for the job. We provide honest and timely feedback on performance and also encourage that this happens 360 degrees.

  • We do not believe in micro management. Rather, the managers are there to support you to do things better. You are the ultimate owner of your job.

  • We believe in continuous learning. Even if you are a key person in a project, we will like to rotate you in different jobs to build several skills. We want to build Mavens which helps the customers and the organization.
If you find these points valuable and you are a SAP professional or want to be a SAP professional, do write to us at
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